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Latest Album: UNCHARTED

The longest-awaited and longest studio release to date, Uncharted, explodes with original bone-cracking Viking melodies in “Nordic Twister” and a symphonic treatment of “Ice and Fire” (Game of Thrones main theme) including all the car-shaking rhythms voiced by world percussion (Tupans, Bodhran, Doumbeks, Frame Drums, et al) cementing the foundation of Tartanic under the lofty towers of the Great Highland Bagpipes.  The Iberian heat of the “Galacian Carnivale” simmers with strings from virtuoso guest artists, lending their talents to Gordon Duncan’s “The Belly Dancer” in itself an opus magnus on bagpipes.  “Velocity” lives up to its name and takes rightful place with nearly “an hour of power” (18 Full Tracks) into an epic and Uncharted territory of must-have music.

Issue #110 of Renaissance Magazine features Tartanic as one of four top groups, published in May 2017.  


This issue also lists the winners of the 12th Renaissance Festival Awards, with fans of the show, festivals, other entertainers (and possibly even you if you voted) placing Tartanic once again into the Best Musical Group under Staged Acts.  On the cover, is piper Ben Holmes, with his project, Celtic Legacy.


"In such a magical world as this, it is truly our fans who create the magic of the musical moments and make memories.


Thank you to everyone who supports the arts, independent music, artists and craftspeople for making each and every Renaissance Festival possible."

--Adrian Walter, Tartanic


Presented are actual photographs of the magazine issue.

Every year since 2009, Tartanic graces the Great Hall at the Irish Cultural Center of Phoenix.  Created as a full-on concert and benefit to the Center, the McClelland Library (The Castle) , the Cottages and memorials celebrating Irish history through the ages to present.  The performance is open to the public, and features Irish Step Dancers and unpredictable shenanigans.  Stay tuned to our tour calendar... as concerts are usually in February or March to ring in the Spring/Solstice.

Photographed above in 2017 by Toby Sear, shown left to right are Ethan, Johnny, and Will.

Candid interview with The East Valley Tribune, Phoenix, AZ.  Click the image above for the full, unabridged story.

Unabashed in sound, nature and quite possibly good taste—harness the raw energy of this authorized bootleg! Recorded in all kinds of positions, over three nights!  Tartanic compiled over 40 minutes of a Space City Romp-a-thon delivering a no-apologies and uncensored recording at Galveston Island’s star-studded Space City Con in January 2014.  Thousands of spaced-out steam-punked heroic and comic LARPers graced the Gulf Coast that weekend. In attendance with a cast of characters including the McCrackin Sisters… who “shared the company” of celebrities Jason Momoa, Syrio Forel, Finn Jones and Christian Nairn (HODOR!), not to mention the cast of Babylon 5!  For Tartanic fanatics everywhere:  Enjoy… play loudly… share widely… and annoy the neighbors.


Voted #1 Music Group by Renaissance Magazine's Royal Choice Entertainment

Awards 2015 & Best Music Group 2010-2019, Best Bagpipe and Drum Band of 2020



The popularity and demand driving EDM (Electronic Dance Music) through mainstream artists, DJs and other Independent musicians and producers has led many in search of that “New Sound” or “Spin” to incorporate into the latest positive mood-altering mixes in modern dance or club music. 


Jack Off-Brand Records and Tartanic team up with DJ Phantom/Producer and Musician Vid Wegener for EDMayhem with total access to all source files and recordings from our Universal (2012) album.  Resulting in a beat-tornado of bagpipes, and melodic free-form mountains and valleys of reeling sound holding captive the senses.


“Tater-vine growin’ w’ile you sleep.”

--Uncle Remus


From World Tribal booming drums with original melodies created by the Great Highland Bagpipes, this album reaches farther into the psyche of the EDM world to make your car shake and your heart go boom-boom, provided you have a sub-woofer.

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